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Finally back to “normal”

by on Feb.06, 2009, under Miscellaneous

Another 4 hours work this evening has convinced me that moving to WordPress was a good idea. The administration panels are so easy to use and the online documentation so extensive that I managed to figure out how to edit the site style sheets, add appropriate widgets and plug-ins and get my masthead back to normal in the space of one evening. I had one shock which was likely self-inflicted when I mistakenly changed the root URL of the blog and caused me to have to manually edit the database to get things back to normal, but, aside from that, things were pretty much plain sailing.

The only outstanding problem I now have is that I can’t add the blog to Flickr for some reason. I used to be able to post directly from Flickr to the old blog but when I enter the details for the new one, Flickr tells me that the userid and password are not correct (they definitely are).  More research required here but, in the meantime, I can just cut and paste HTML chunks from Flickr into the WordPress editor window.

Now to set up my wife’s new blog too…

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  • Dave Wilson

    It turns out that the root URL problem wasn’t self inflicted. Attempting to import my blogroll list from an OPML file apparently trashed the siteurl entry in the blog database. I had to fix it manually. This appears to be a WordPress bug though I am waiting for answer to a forum question to see if anyone can tell me what is going on.

  • Suzy

    Hi Dave,

    I subscribed to you rss feed right after your switch to wordpress and recently its only been showing one item at a time. Is this the way you have decided to set it up or do I have to delete and resubscribe? I have it on my bookmarks toolbar and when I click it only one appears. My other subscriptions to livebookmarks are all still fine.

    Many thanks


  • Dave Wilson


    Thanks for the heads-up. I see some posting missing from the feed when I load it in Firefox and Google Reader so I’ll take a look at it and see what I can do.


  • Suzy

    Hi Dave,

    Thats fixed the problem 🙂 I’m glad I use the free wordpress (where they host if for you) its much more limited but much less mucking about lol.


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