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Nature on your doorstep

by on Jun.27, 2010, under Photography

I love wildlife photography and am in awe of the work done by people like Matt & Will Burrard-Lucas and Moose Peterson but it’s not something I ever reckon I’ll be particularly successful at since (a) the most interesting wildlife always seems to be an expensive airline ride away and (b) I can’t afford the kind of lenses that you need to take that really great picture of a lion without running the significant risk of ending up as its breakfast.

Wildlife, however, need not only involve wildebeest roaming the savannah or grizzly bears in Alaska. If you look around you, there are likely to be lots of exciting examples of wildlife to photograph as long as you think smaller. Bugs and insects are everywhere and as long as you have a lens with the ability to focus close (or close-up filters or extension tubes) and a flash you most likely can get some great wildlife shots within feet of your front door.

Take this shot, for example. I was finishing cleaning out our chicken coop (a highly nasty job requiring a face mask in the summer) and went to get some hay for their nesting box only to find a large (by Texas standards) scorpion having lunch on a piece of wood next to the hay bale. I raced inside to get the camera, macro lens and flash and shot a few images before he decided to hide from me. The lighting isn’t perfect but the shot definitely captured the moment. I took several more after this using a reflector to reduce the shadows and generally make the image look more natural but, by that time, the scorpion had moved and the composition wasn’t as good.

Next time you decide that you couldn’t possibly be a wildlife photographer, think small and see what you can find.

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