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Camping at Space Center Houston

by on Oct.25, 2010, under Photography

Cameron and I had a lovely time this weekend camping with the Cub Scout pack at Space Center Houston. Whereas quite a few of the Cub Scout camps are intended purely for the boys, this was one that Dads (and Mums) could appreciate too and I had a blast.

We arrived on Saturday evening and, after dinner, the Space Center staff took the boys through various aerospace-related science experiments and exercises including some basic information on control surfaces (illustrated using Space Shuttle gliders that were being thrown around for the rest of the weekend), spacesuit design (design a suit using various materials to protect a water-balloon from falling spikes simulating micrometeorites) and reentry deceleration (protect an egg placed inside a Space Shuttle model that is slid down a 45 degree wire into a static plate). All in all, loads of fun.

Everyone slept overnight either in the center theaters or on the floor amongst the exhibits. On Saturday morning, Cameron and I woke up early and explored before most other people were up. This gave me a great opportunity to get some shots inside the Space Center before the crowds arrived. After breakfast, we all boarded the tram for a tour of Johnson Space Center and the rocket park where I again managed to spend quite some time taking more shots of the Saturn V (no doubt these will appear over on my photoblog over the next few weeks).

I’m enormously impressed by the programs and staff at the Space Center – they put a lot of effort into this camp and it was greatly appreciated by all of us who attended. If you are a Boy Scout or Girl Scout leader and you’re within striking distance of Houston, you can find out more about overnight camping in the center here.

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