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Resolutions for 2011

by on Jan.01, 2011, under Photography

Office (before)

Another year, another set of promises to myself.

  1. Finally get my home office tidied
    The 7’x10′ space I call an office at home is constantly messy (as you can see). I have what appears to be so little time to play that I normally put off filing and cleaning in favour of processing, posting and printing and, as a result, things are getting out of hand. I will dedicate a couple of days this month to finally getting things under control. Please chastise me constantly until I post another picture showing the place looking pristine. For the record, I should note that this Armageddon-like state only exists in my office – the rest of the house is pretty tidy.
  2. Lose about 15lbs
    Here’s another eternal resolution! I’m hoping that my new, regular pre-work gym schedule will help me out here and that I can get rid of the weight that too much processing and not enough walking around taking pictures has added to my frame over the last couple of years. No before and after photos here, sorry.
  3. Produce a photo book
    I planned to do this last year but got caught up in organising and giving workshops instead. I have most of the images ready for a photobook of Austin shots so I aim to get this produced within the next 12 months.
  4. Develop and present a new workshop
    I gave my “Introduction to HDR” workshop a couple of times last year and it was well-received. It is apparent, though, that there is demand for other classes relating to Lightroom, Photoshop and post-processing techniques related to HDR so I’m hoping to put a 2 day class together, likely with help from a co-presenter, and put this on some time in the second half of the year.
  5. Break Even (again)
    Photography is a serious hobby for me but I was fortunate enough to break even in 2010 despite significant equipment purchases. My goal is to keep the hobby paying for itself. My long term goal is to make enough on the hobby to cover my basic costs and pay for me to take one workshop a year (travel, time off the day job and workshop fees).
  6. Diversify
    I’m known mostly for HDR but my photographic interests run the gamut. I’ve been trying to branch out a bit this year but want to diversify more in the coming year. I’ll likely set myself a couple of documentary projects and will definitely be shooting more family portraits.
  7. Have Fun!
    I’m in danger of taking the whole photography thing too seriously so I will be stepping back and concentrating on the fun side of producing photo art this year. I have way more ideas than I have time to pursue them so I’ll be more careful when editing opportunities to pick the ones with the highest fun to effort ratio.

Whatever your plans are for 2011, I hope they pan out for you. Happy New Year, all!

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