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Pale Blue Dot

by on Jan.19, 2011, under Photography

I’m a fan of Carl Sagan so had to share this video that I found on the “A Photo Editor” blog today. If you click through to the original blog post, you’ll also find another version with the same soundtrack but different video and it’s worth a look too.

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We Are All Connected

by on Jan.20, 2010, under Miscellaneous

As a teenager, I remember having one of my great (teenage) “Aha Moments” while watching “Cosmos” and realising that a very high percentage of my, personal atoms were once spewed out of a supernova. Wow! Me – the stuff of stars! Since then I’ve had many more such moments, many somewhat more obscure or esoteric but I still love the idea of being the product (albeit rather indirectly) of stellar explosion.

My love of physics took me to university to study it (yes, I’m a physicist by training and a programmer by hobby 🙂 ) and I still love marveling at the beauty of Maxwell’s Equations (not that I can derive them any more), debating the weirdnesses of Quantum Mechanics (just where is that pesky electron after it passes through one of those slits?) and trying to explain Special Relativity (though, again, the 20 years since my last lecture on the subject leaves me extremely rusty).

So why did all this come to mind today? My 10 year old was downloading some new tracks from iTunes and one of them reminded me of the backing track of a rather clever video containing 2 of my physics superheroes (Richard Feynman and Carl Sagan) that I stumbled upon a while ago. If you are in awe of your starstuff, take a look…

If you enjoy this video, you can find several others at Symphony of Science.

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